Good day. Before I forget it, click here for the Jedi answer to Brokeback Mountain, courtesy of jrtom.

Woke up and went to morning Pilates workout with redmed. It was a good time, except for the “you’re hurting yourself” pain on the leg lifts. Either I was doing them wrong, or I’ve never worked that . . . → Read More: Productive!


Color me surprised, Bethesda doesn’t suck nearly as much as I remember it sucking! There’s a Rock Bottom brewery around the corner from my hotel, plus six or seven really yummy smelling Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. Plus, the streets are populated with semi-drunken 30-year-old fratboys. This means that it’s totally safe out there, as long . . . → Read More: Bethesda


Tonight was the first sparring night we’ve had at the gym in a while. My second time ever. Apparently, right before I joined the gym it had gotten pretty ugly in the sparring department, with emergency room level injuries every week. So my teacher called it off for a year or so. Now we’re getting . . . → Read More: Sparring



That said, I succeeded. Today I rode the Minnesota Ironman, and (so far) have lived to tell about it. It’s just a bike ride (not the other kind of ironman, which usually involves swimming and some other athletic activity). The “ironman” bit comes from the fact that the weather at this time of year . . . → Read More: Ironman

Pull ups, by God…

Just wanted to mention that I ripped off 32 pull ups at the gym today. Sets of 5, alternating between close grip, wide grip, behind the neck, and chin ups. Around 20, I started thinking “what the hell? All this working out is paying off?”

Rock on, Navy Seals.

Am I a plant?

Well clearly no, I’m not a plant. They have cool superpowers like being able to clone themselves by breaking off a chunk (a “stem” cell, so to speak).

However the sunshine does make me really happy. It’s late March and we’re finally rid of most of the snow. The awesome snowpiles in the mall . . . → Read More: Am I a plant?