Tomorrow morning, I’m off to College Station Texas. Gonna re-build a compute cluster for the nice folks there. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to work in with the Judo club at the same time.

Friday, I return, and Saturday I get a brief day at home. Perhaps – perhaps, I say, I’ll do laundry.

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Dear travel industry:

If I go to and ask to get from “any airport near Boston, including Manchester and Providence” to “any airport near College Station, TX, including Houston and Austin”, during any three day window in a particular week, I really expect to have at least one nonstop option. Of all the things . . . → Read More: Travel

My day at work

All my travel plans worked out great. Saw sacredangle‘s junior guitar recital, which was stunningly awesome, and got to hang out with the whole extended fam as well. Conversations were happening in at least three languages at the after party. I felt privileged to be there.

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I passed. Got the certificate and everything. The only mishap was my own dumb fault, when I got kicked in the fingers. If I had, for example, been making a fist like they tell you on day one, I wouldn’t have four kinda-sorta-jammed fingers now. All things considered, a small price to pay.

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Pictures from New Mexico

redmed went ahead and made a nice photo album from our travels in New Mexico. It’s here.


Back on the “not irritating my friends with my political views” theme, the vacation is going awesome.

We explored two of the natural wonders of the world on two consecutive days – Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands. Each of them left me with a deep and heartfelt appreciation for the National Park Service, as well . . . → Read More: Vacation!


Last night, while on our way to dinner in the lovely town of Tucumcari, we happened upon a practice of the rodeo team at the local college. They were roping calves … and I gained a new appreciation for rodeo. Seriously. Right where the rubber meets the road, those sporting events are based on real . . . → Read More: Travels


Greetings from Tucumcari, NM. We have friends from residency out here. They have 18 acres, 8 horses, three buildings (a house, a barn, and a scary shed). I am beginning to feel confident that they cannot find me here. In any event, we’ll be able to see them coming from a long way off.

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Color me surprised, Bethesda doesn’t suck nearly as much as I remember it sucking! There’s a Rock Bottom brewery around the corner from my hotel, plus six or seven really yummy smelling Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. Plus, the streets are populated with semi-drunken 30-year-old fratboys. This means that it’s totally safe out there, as long . . . → Read More: Bethesda

On the road again.

At the airport, headed to Bethesda, MD for a two day training gig. This should be fun, since I actually get to work with one of my colleagues. He will teach a one day course on the cluster queuing system, and then I get to teach my “intro to The Software” session. Audience of eight, . . . → Read More: On the road again.