Update on the plumbing from before: The leak in the tub was transient. The tub is now totally dry, as is the basement ceiling.

We have either performed a perfect repair, or else we have redirected the leak to someplace where it’s not visible. Either way, I’m blissed out. Go us.

Not getting those hours back, am I?

The story of the day involves plumbing.

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Good day. Before I forget it, click here for the Jedi answer to Brokeback Mountain, courtesy of jrtom.

Woke up and went to morning Pilates workout with redmed. It was a good time, except for the “you’re hurting yourself” pain on the leg lifts. Either I was doing them wrong, or I’ve never worked that . . . → Read More: Productive!


Last night, went into Roslindale for sushi with friends. Sat up talking until 11, and then turned into pumpkins like the old people we are, and drove home. Thud. Asleep in moments.

This morning, measured the bedroom as well as the space between the rafters in the dark and terrifying part of the attic (17′ . . . → Read More: Productive!

Energy conversions

More tinkering with numbers.

The DOE’s energy calculator is awesome.

I’m very confused right now.

1 kwh = 3412BTU 1 gallon of heating oil is 139,000BTU

Yearly kwh consumption: 1.291e3 * 3.412e3 = 4.4e6 Yearly fuel consumption: 1.162e3 * 1.38000e5 = 1.6e8

This isn’t all that surprising, since we use the oil to both heat . . . → Read More: Energy conversions


I’m tinkering with data, now that I’ve got a full year of usage information on my house.

* We burned 1162.3 gallons of heating oil last year ($1825) * We burned 1291.06 kwh of electricity last year. ($1291) * We used 5,100 gallons cubic feet of water last year. ($199)

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Went a halloween party last night with redmed, capital_l, and capital_l. Pictures are here. Fun was had by all. It’s nice to finally be developing a social circle around these parts. We’re right now missing the demolition derby, but that’s okay with me. I can’t find any mention of the schoolbus demo, so we may . . . → Read More: Weekend

More thoughtfulness

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That’ll teach it!

Skill I never really wanted anyway, number 345: Re-hanging a dishwasher door.

Turns out that dishwasher doors have these crazy hinges on them that sometimes pop out. After staring at them for long enough, I figured out how to pop them back in. Having figured it out, it was a simple matter of brute force . . . → Read More: That’ll teach it!