Good day

Today was pretty good. We had an Apple engineer onsite, and everyone learned something.

We rebuilt a 30TB SAN to make it faster, and we rebuilt a 40TB SAN to make it more reliable. We made a plan for the 50 and 60TB installs, when we can get a maintenance window on them. I specced . . . → Read More: Good day


I passed. Got the certificate and everything. The only mishap was my own dumb fault, when I got kicked in the fingers. If I had, for example, been making a fist like they tell you on day one, I wouldn’t have four kinda-sorta-jammed fingers now. All things considered, a small price to pay.

Also lots . . . → Read More: Test


Today I test for a new belt at the karate school. I’ve eaten my high-carb dinner and breakfast, I have my bottles of water, and I’ve got the *material* pretty much down (though at this point there’s enough stuff that I’m sure I’ll blank on something). I’m in good enough shape that while several hours . . . → Read More: Test

Rock star

Apparently, redmed has an unexpected opportunity to meet with one of our state legislators (the crotchety white men who make the laws) this morning, on the topic of her research on HIV. I know about this because she decided to wear scrubs to work (prior to hearing about said opportunity), and I got a phone . . . → Read More: Rock star


Home again, home again. And tomorrow, on the train to Boston. Ungh. At least real rock stars get cocaine and groupies. Class went well. Tomorrow, I plan to verify that … oh who the hell cares? I’m going to be a geek again tomorrow. Any questions? No? Good. I’m going to bed.



That said, I succeeded. Today I rode the Minnesota Ironman, and (so far) have lived to tell about it. It’s just a bike ride (not the other kind of ironman, which usually involves swimming and some other athletic activity). The “ironman” bit comes from the fact that the weather at this time of year . . . → Read More: Ironman