Tonight was the first sparring night we’ve had at the gym in a while. My second time ever. Apparently, right before I joined the gym it had gotten pretty ugly in the sparring department, with emergency room level injuries every week. So my teacher called it off for a year or so. Now we’re getting back into it.

(1) Teacher puts on this padded armor suit, and we get to hit him as hard as we want. Good times.
(2) Sparred a 14 year old girl. Felt vaguely guilty, being both bigger and faster than her.
(3) Sparred a 50 year old policeman. He’s solid, stay the hell out of the way of those hands and feet … but I could handle him if needed.
(4) Sparred a 24 year old firefighter, third degree black belt, who drives in demolition derbies for fun (yes, technolope and capital_l, it was the guy who got back in the flipped car at the derby). Jesus Christ I’m gonna have bruises, and I could tell he was going easy on me.

Overall, I live.

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