Just ran a 7 minute, 20 second mile. Woot! I think my previous lifetime best was something like 8 minutes, back in high school.

Presidential Physical Fitness level for an 18 year old man is 6 minutes, 20 seconds. One minute to go!



That said, I succeeded. Today I rode the Minnesota Ironman, and (so far) have lived to tell about it. It’s just a bike ride (not the other kind of ironman, which usually involves swimming and some other athletic activity). The “ironman” bit comes from the fact that the weather at this time of year . . . → Read More: Ironman


From time to time, auto companies will host public relations events in which you get to drive their cars. Yesterday morning, I attended a drive party for Mercedes-Benz, and it rocked. They had a large “lifestyle tent,” which was basically souped up PR, with hand massage and muffins and stuff. Interestingly, the hand massage people . . . → Read More: That ROCKED

Long bike ride

As a “welcome back” from my travels these past two weeks, I decided to take a 30 mile bike ride this morning. Naturally, it started snowing at about the 10 mile mark. No accumulation, but the emotional effect was quite palpable. Still, pressing on was good for the soul.

Now, on with the chores that . . . → Read More: Long bike ride