Snippets and observations from a day:

* Woke and fought the alarm, as usual with alarms.
* Coffee. Sometimes you need coffee before you go downstairs to get coffee.
* Solved technical problems by social means. Primarily public shame and an unwillingness to just let it go. Labelled the goddamn wires so it’ll be hard to claim ignorance when they get screwed up again.
* Solved technical problem by technical means. Damn the tape robot. Damn it to tape robot hell.
* Found a local judo club. Called ahead. Got nervous about grappling with these people
* Lanced a social issue at work. Sat very, very still while said social issue worked itself out. Washed hands.
* Rode mass transit for 1.5 hours to get to workout. Read first half of The Watchmen
* Felt calm on the ground and standing. Saw the opportunity to apply a choke, and applied it. Opponent tapped. Noticed flaws in technique, worked on them.
* Rode mass transit for 1.5 hours to get back to a hotel. Nearly finished with The Watchmen
* Decided to go to Hampton, VA tomorrow evening rather than stay here. Save myself a whole trip by sacrificing a day.
* Hotel restaurant closed. Restaurant kitchens close at 10pm. Bars are open later. Asked the front desk for local kitchens open late. TGI Fridays. Ick.
* Ate dinner surrounded by waitstaff having a beer after their shift. Nice folks. Foul deep fried dinner. Foul.
* Heard lyrics in head – “Bartender” by Dave Matthews Band. Next song on the radio was “Satellite” by the same. I was thinking Bartender please, fill my glass for me, with the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground., but instead I got satellite, strung from the moon, and the world your balloon.
* Set up travel for tomorrow. Dependencies: Train, Flight, Car, Hotel. Car depends on flight, since I need to know where to return the car. Hotel totally doesn’t matter, since “recession” means “lots of hotel rooms.”
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