Snippets and observations from a day:

* Woke and fought the alarm, as usual with alarms. * Coffee. Sometimes you need coffee before you go downstairs to get coffee. * Solved technical problems by social means. Primarily public shame and an unwillingness to just let it go. Labelled the goddamn wires so it’ll be hard . . . → Read More: Observations

Good day

Today was pretty good. We had an Apple engineer onsite, and everyone learned something.

We rebuilt a 30TB SAN to make it faster, and we rebuilt a 40TB SAN to make it more reliable. We made a plan for the 50 and 60TB installs, when we can get a maintenance window on them. I specced . . . → Read More: Good day

My day at work

All my travel plans worked out great. Saw sacredangle‘s junior guitar recital, which was stunningly awesome, and got to hang out with the whole extended fam as well. Conversations were happening in at least three languages at the after party. I felt privileged to be there.

Late in the evening, justkidding_nr shared some of her . . . → Read More: My day at work

Sysadmin gig in Basel

Email me if:

(a) you’re an amazing network / sysadmin, able to set up a Force10 network and a Linux environment for a major research shop in about 2 months.

(b) you’re available to go to Basel Switzerland for about 2 months, oh, now-ish.

Go team!

Our newfound ability to gather web statistics on the corporate page has outed this as my blog to my employers. I got an “Is this you?” note from one of the owners. Well, that and the picture of myself that I posted there. That can’t have helped.

After the shock wore off, I found myself . . . → Read More: Go team!

Job post

Does the rock star life appeal to you? Ready to step up?

Protected: AAAAAAAAA!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Brewing day!

I’m totally psyched about brewing day. capital_l and technolope are coming down this afternoon at a time to be determined by how late they stayed up “playing video games and drinking” last night. I’ve got my guess … but we’ll see what reality provides. Two batches, a stout and a west coast ale.

Installed a . . . → Read More: Brewing day!


Intel loved my report. This makes me feel good. They also apologized several times for the hardware troubles. During the conference call (which included, give or take, everyone at Intel) my sales guy / boss was IM-ing me frantically saying things like “accept their apology!” and “nod and smile!” So now I’m fixing the tiny, . . . → Read More: Endgame


Whine complain moan bitch gripe.

. . . → Read More: Whine