I’m locally famous. Here’s a picture of me from a short column in a publication you haven’t heard of.

Home sweet home

Home for a day, with redmed before headed to Honduras for a (well earned) week’s vacation tomorrow.

On a crazy lark, headed to technolope and capital_ls place directly from picking redmed up at the airport last night. We had a fantastic dinner and made an early night of it in support of a massively . . . → Read More: Home sweet home


Once again, I find myself at the bar at The Outback steakhouse.

Why is this weird? I’m a vegetarian and some kinda health / fitness freak. I assure you, it feels sorta weird.

Why does it work? Well first off, Outback has a number of fine non-meat options. It helps that I consider fish to . . . → Read More: Steakhouse?


I am in Hampton, VA. I have the same hotel room that I’ve had before. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that I travel too much.

Yesterday, I saw the Dalai Lama. He wore a Patriots ball-cap. It was awesome. Now I have *another* pile of pages to transcribe that I’ll never get around to. . . . → Read More: Update


Is it seriously almost May? Holy crap.

Just got back from a quick trip to New Jersey. On said trip, I … well … let’s just say it was work, a little stressful, it’s not quite done yet. You should see the other guy. I drove, so staple 10 hours in the car onto an . . . → Read More: Busy

We never failed to fail … it was the easiest thing to do …

I spent my day waiting for a system crash.

We’ve got this serious, hardcore system lockup that happens sometimes with the customer of the moment. Naturally, it only happens when the system is flat-out running their most important computation. Naturally, it can reasonably said that if this code doesn’t work, then the system is useless . . . → Read More: We never failed to fail … it was the easiest thing to do …

Good day

I’m having a good day.

For one thing, the weather is (within reasonable error bars) PERFECT. Mid 60’s, bright sun.

For another, I led a 3 hour technical meeting today that stayed on task and produced good insight without losing the humorous, fun edge that makes such things bearable. We took a single coffee break . . . → Read More: Good day

The pellet animal

I’m working onsite with a new customer today, and I discovered this wonderful machine that dispenses excellent coffee when you push a button.

* Click * grindgrindgrind * wooooosh * dribble

And then you drink really good coffee.

The guy I’m working for walked by while I was happily pressing the button and holding . . . → Read More: The pellet animal


Here’s a Press release from one of the projects that I support.

The NASA Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation (CALIPSO), using its active lidar system, traced vertically through the layers of the atmosphere to find that the Australian bushfire smoke was lofting, or rising, to an astonishing 12 miles, an unusually high altitude . . . → Read More: Clouds


We’ve got these hyper-intelligent power strips that can email us when they get close to being overloaded. This is a really good thing, in general. However, we are currently right on the edge of overload on this one system. It sends me a note every time it approaches overload, every time it goes into the . . . → Read More: Power