What did I like about early Battlestar Galactica? (and don’t give me any of that medieval crap, I’m talking about the new BSG):

1) “Smart” is the currency of the realm. Whether you’re Baltar or ZereK … if you’ve got a couple of decades of getting crap right under your belt, people just do what you tell them to.

2) Starbuck. Starbuck runs the fighter pilot shop because, until she loses her edge, she’s the hottest pilot, the best poker player, and the toughest roughhouser in the fleet. I mean seriously, long hair is what gets grabbed and stepped on in a fight! No serious fighter would walk around with a ponytail!

3) Adama. A man lives with his choices. Every day. Yes, he’ll kill a hundred to save his ship. And yes, he’ll make his XO pull the trigger in order to maintain his authority. He’s Adama. He fought the toasters once, and beat them. He’ll beat them again. His crew love and fear him because he’s right, time and again.

4) Roslin is doing her best, but it’s the best of the Nth in line. She has authority because it’s right and its the law, not because she’s particularly good at what she’s doing. Once she goes all high-priestess on us … things go downhill.

5) God has a plan, and that plan is the Cylon plan. The idea I love most that humanity is on the run from their created species – and that God loves that new creation more than the original. The Cylons seem to have this direct tap into a supernatural will. They don’t know, really, what they’re doing any more than the humans. However, their theology still works where ours died ages ago.

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