Good day. Before I forget it, click here for the Jedi answer to Brokeback Mountain, courtesy of jrtom.

Woke up and went to morning Pilates workout with redmed. It was a good time, except for the “you’re hurting yourself” pain on the leg lifts. Either I was doing them wrong, or I’ve never worked that muscle / tendon in my entire life. Either way, I bailed on those exercises.

Then we came home, and I took down the holiday lights and then went in the crawl space under the bedroom to put down plastic sheeting (against moisture) and install insulation (against cold). For the insulation, I used this spray crap called Great Stuff. This crap is amazing. You put the little nozzle into a gap in your foundation / wall / whatever and fill it with foam. The foam adheres to anything (masonry, wood, metal, ceramic, flesh) and expands like crazy. It’s also this awful yellowish color.

While down there I looked around and saw that there was one corner where the cobwebs were blowing and billowing in an icy breeze. I found the source, Great Stuff’ed it, and the breeze stopped. It could be my imagination, but the bedroom floor feels warmer already to me.

Then I continued the document apocalypse. More shredding, more destroying. Stumbled onto a cache of letters from my girlfriend from High School. They passed the “do I feel even a twinge of a desire to hang on to these” test, so they lived. The corporate credit card statements from eight years ago were not so lucky. I removed another three big filing boxes from my life. Go me. Less to move, less to care if it gets ruined.

Went to a work party for redmed‘s job this evening. More rich food, too much wine, and guarded conversation. More wearing a tie. It was fun and all, but I need to either build social connections with these people outside of these formal events, or stop liking them.

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