Just read Matt Taibbi’s incendiary rant on Goldman Sachs, after hearing him on NPR yesterday. How wonderfully angry he is! And to hear him saying the same things I’ve been saying for months to years now, but coherently and with independent fact checking … neat!

The article is very much about how Goldman Sachs . . . → Read More: Economy


You wanna know how bad off the cat is? I just gave the cat a sponge bath (she hasn’t been able to clean herself very well for a while, and she smells pretty bad) … and she *liked* it. Purring and purring and offering one blood-matted paw after the other to be scrubbed.

Now that’s . . . → Read More: Cat

Fight Club

My brother’s wedding last weekend was absolutely beautiful, and I need to document it in another post. First, though, I want to set pen to paper about our late night adventure with the belligerent drunk.

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I had forgotten about one endearing aspect of home ownership: Since property transactions are matters of public record – there are advertising groups who scour those records with incredible efficiency in order to send out official looking letters offering products for your mortgage or house. I don’t mind the contractors who spend their marketing time . . . → Read More:


I spent most of yesterday working on the house. We’ve started dividing the world into critical-path and non-critical activities. Critical-path is “anything that is actively keeping us from moving into the place.” Non-critical is everything else. We then proceed to laugh at ourselves because we can’t seem to bring ourselves to do anything on the . . . → Read More: Update

Most unclean

I was awakened most horribly this morning.

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He always gets up

I got high praise at Judo today. A visiting judoka from our friendly neighbors to the north was working a particular throw. There was some discussion about whether said throw would work on someone taller than her – and it was suggested that she try it on me.

After a couple of tries (ow), she . . . → Read More: He always gets up


So I’m coming back from lunch yesterday, having dropped off the check for the shiny new gutters on the shiny new house. I reach the path from the street to my door and I see this bird clinging to the underside of said gutters. I had just enough time to think, “huh, he’s hanging upside . . . → Read More: Woodpecker

Epic snit

Got my “Home CFO” hat on this morning, and I opened up a letter from redmeds employers. It was one page saying basically that they hadn’t received a response to their request for information about clinical privileges, and they were following up.

Then I got to the bottom, where they said:

If you do . . . → Read More: Epic snit

Worst picture of me, evar.

You are welcome to respond, so long as you post a similarly awful picture of yourself.