Return to the mat

Competed in my first post injury judo tournament today, and it went pretty well. My division (over 30, under 185lbs) consisted of me and this other dude. The first match went the full four minutes. I won on points (one “wazari” to his “flat nothing”). At one point I had him in what felt like a really tight choke, but he toughed through it.

The second match, he pinned me after a minute or two, and won by holding me down for 25 seconds.

So, won a match, took second (in a small division), and survived without injury or undue fuss.

Now: A celebratory glass of wine with assorted LJ folks.


I have no idea if these will work for you, but they play for me in Quicktime on my apple. Your milage may vary:

Match 1 in which I choke all but the tap out of my opponent at the beginning (I mean, seriously, he lifts me off the ground using his own lapel around his neck!), get very, very lucky (2:00), toss him with a left footed tai-atoshi (2:25) and proceed to run the clock down holding him off in my guard for a win. Yes, I knew that there were only 30 seconds left when I dropped to my back and pulled guard.

Match 2 in which I start off strong, but wind up getting pinned. I think I do a great impression of a chinchilla resisting being caught. To quote justkidding_nr No!no!no!no!no!no!no!no!no!

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