Hong Kong Airport

I write from the upscale “pay-in shower lounge” at the Hong Kong international airport.

At first we were confused about the setup, but it all became simple very quickly. The key is to accept that we’re from the backwater sticks of the world, and that Hong Kong is actually in the future, after Earth . . . → Read More: Hong Kong Airport

Why Tibet

Jen and I are taking a trip to Tibet, and I’ve been asked more than a few times: “Why Tibet?” It’s one of those difficult questions because it’s absolutely simple and clear to me why we’re going – but for a dozen different reasons. Teasing those reasons apart turns out to be harder than I . . . → Read More: Why Tibet

Career fair

My brother in law, Doug, teaches at a middle school west of Philadelphia. For years, he’s been suggesting that I would have fun presenting at their career day. This year I had a tiny bit of space in my schedule, so I snuck down and back on the Acela. I spent the morning talking to . . . → Read More: Career fair

Of cats and painters

Morning. A crew of painters is walking around outside the house. Two humans (Chris and Jen) and two cats (Maia and Minnow) are watching from inside and preparing for work.

Chris: Who wants breakfast? Breakfast for cats! Minnow: (excited circling) Maia: (stony silence) Chris: Maia, do you want breakfast? Maia: (stony silence) Minnow: MEW! Chris: . . . → Read More: Of cats and painters

The opposite of work

I saw a good talk by Jane McGonigal at PAX East. She spoke based on her book Reality is Broken, which is about how many of the traits developed in playing games (particularly video games) are terrifically useful to succeeding at life.

One of her slides was (and I’m paraphrasing here): “The opposite of play . . . → Read More: The opposite of work

Gub’mint shutdown hairball

That big chewy hairball of rage that I wanted to hawk up the other night – but was too jetlagged to choke out? Jim Wright nailed it. There’s plenty of profanity in there, as there should be. It’s appropriate to cuss. We’re dealing with a substantial minority of the electorate who are actively working for . . . → Read More: Gub’mint shutdown hairball

Meet the new boss

I want to work up a really pithy post on the ludicrous insanity going on on capitol hill. I really do. However, I am savagely jet lagged and waiting to get on a red-eye flight back to Boston. Under these conditions, I can’t trust myself to hold together a coherent argument.

I’ll let Paul . . . → Read More: Meet the new boss

Prayer banners in public schools

New post on the RI Atheist blog.

Check it out.

On the casual launching of cruise missiles

After writing that last post about Libya, I find that my heart has hardened somewhat. A piece of it comes from further reading on the specifics of the situation in Libya, including Friedman’s excellent piece on the two sorts of nations we meet in that part of the world. I find myself having trouble believing . . . → Read More: On the casual launching of cruise missiles

No good options on Libya

I think that the US and the rest of the world are probably doing about as well as can be expected with Libya. There is no unconditionally correct answer here. No matter what we do, people will die violently and chaos will win the day for months and years to come. If we’ve learned nothing . . . → Read More: No good options on Libya