Better news

So, we’re boiling water for tooth brushing here. Apparently a 10 foot wide water pipe burst just west of town – and now we’ve got pond water (backup supply) coming out the pipes.

Slightly amended: redmed is boiling water for tooth brushing. Me? I brush my teeth in gin. It’s better for the gums.

I love living in Boston. Check out comment number four. To wit: “So thirsty…”. That might have taken – like below the “ObaKKKma is a Mu$$$lim” in other communities. Here? Right up top.

In other news, we went to an awesome restaurant. Sibling Rivalry boasts two chefs who are brothers. The menu is an iron-chef styled two column. They center on an ingredient (asparagus, for example) and take it in whatever direction they want. This restaurant is all about food. I’ve been to notionally higher-end places that seem static and dead. The food here was edgy, alive, and interesting. The service was a little slow – and they were bitchy about the drinking water refills – but the food was amazing. I had mussels in a curry sauce followed by what might best be described as a mexican bouillabaisse. Jen had a salad and salmon. Both were outstanding. I had the cheapest wine by the glass on the menu and it was awesome.

Nothing to say

I was looking at the news this evening, and once again I am paralyzed by what I can only describe as “apoplectic depression.” I’m so angry that my hands shake – but all I can think to do is to order another drink and perhaps have a good cry.

For one thing, there is the . . . → Read More: Nothing to say


Last Friday I checked out of this very room in this very hotel. I usually consider it bad luck to stay twice in the same room in a hotel – but I can rationalize this as the “same” trip. At least, that’s helping to keep the twitching to a minimum.

I have a very . . . → Read More: Blank

Too cool not to pass along

Courtesy of cariaso:

I have a suspicion that this volcano is not mere chance. The Icelanders are a hardy, proud, and slightly crazy bunch. They’ve been left holding MUCH MORE than their fair share of the recent global credit crisis. When it all fell apart, they were surprised how little support they were given by . . . → Read More: Too cool not to pass along


If anyone was wondering why I’ve been missing from LJ (hello? LJ?) it’s because I’m down in VA again – absolutely flat out for one one my favorite customers. Thats “flat out,” like the awesome hillbilly racing game that technolope showed me. We’re standing up a shiny new 220TB disk array that can push 5GB/sec . . . → Read More: Underwater


Sending a letter to my representatives about the “gaming” bill going through MA.

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Rules for reasonable debate

Here are the basic rules for reasonable conversation on hot button issues.

* Address the person you are talking to, not the bystanders. If you’re playing to the crowd, you’re doing it wrong.

* Address people by the name that they choose, rather than the mocking one that you made up. Name calling doesn’t . . . → Read More: Rules for reasonable debate

Willful ignorance

The health care reform bill brought the bogus demonization of “socialized” programs by conservatives front and center. It bugs me when people whine about how we shouldn’t have “socialized” medicine – and it bugs me more when they claim that every dollar they have is a dollar they earned – and ain’t nobody gonna take . . . → Read More: Willful ignorance


Maybe, if I’m good:


I’ve been thinking about privacy lately – as well as why I bother to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and that other social networking site. I think that I may begin adjusting my usage patterns to better fit my new thinking.

First off: There are people who believe that they can maintain some level of . . . → Read More: Privacy