Tomorrow morning, I’m off to College Station Texas. Gonna re-build a compute cluster for the nice folks there. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to work in with the Judo club at the same time.

Friday, I return, and Saturday I get a brief day at home. Perhaps – perhaps, I say, I’ll do laundry.

Sunday I fly to Richmond and spend a day with my dad. Then it’s off to Hampton Roads, VA for some more cluster fun. While there, I hope to drop back in with Hybrid Academy.

Looking up judo clubs and gyms on the road is so very much healthier than looking up microbreweries. Oddly enough, it’s also the easiest way I’ve ever found to make friends.

Level up

I tried something new at the gym today: There’s a guy who teaches karate and does (light) open sparring both standing and on the ground on Sundays. He’s around 220 pounds of solid muscle, has perhaps 2 inches of height on me, and is wicked fast. I worked in, with some nervousness. Stand-up sparring is . . . → Read More: Level up


technolope was part of another art showing last night. Good times were had all around as the party rolled from gallery to bar and onward.

. . . → Read More: Art


Met with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and agreed that he’s going to go in and repair or trim the medial meniscus in my left knee. I’m walking around pretty well these days – so there’s some debate on whether cutting on me is justified. However, I live in fear of my knee freaking out. Mornings . . . → Read More: Knees

Paper reduction

An update on my paper reduction project: This is has been difficult but worthwhile. It is, of course, doomed to failure in a number of ways that should have been apparent at first.

A simple first step was to actually implement my existing document destruction policies. Anything for which statements are available online, I keep . . . → Read More: Paper reduction


More generally, I wish to re-open the ‘northern passages’ between my sinuses and the outside world. Suggestions?

Paperless – further thoughts

Continuing to think about going entirely paperless. On reflection, it’s clearly one of those goals that you never really totally achieve. Instead, you look up from time to time and say “how can I do better at this goal.” This means that getting to 95% is “good” rather than “failure.”

The first really clear . . . → Read More: Paperless – further thoughts


One of the blogs I follow with great interest is Geekdoctor. He’s the CIO of Harvard Medical School, among other things. Besides being smart, connected, and talkative … he appears to live a very purposeful life. He implements his organizational and ethical decisions in a way that I admire.

A few recent highlights include: * . . . → Read More: Paperless


Dear travel industry:

If I go to and ask to get from “any airport near Boston, including Manchester and Providence” to “any airport near College Station, TX, including Houston and Austin”, during any three day window in a particular week, I really expect to have at least one nonstop option. Of all the things . . . → Read More: Travel


Jesus is Savior is pretty seriously full of broken ideas as well as entirely functional, if brain-damaged, web design

However, they do have some pretty funny images: