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Five years

Five years ago this evening, my mother died unexpectedly. I got one of the phone calls that you never want to get, and joined what my sister now calls “the club that nobody wants to be in.” At the time, I wrote a bunch of blog posts about it. That turns out to have been . . . → Read More: Five years

Of bay leaves, and taking things to ridiculous extremes

I lost a bet recently, thought you might like to know about it.

This all started back on March 20, when in a fit of pique I posted on facebook: “Bay leaves are a lie. They do nothing.”

My friend Dan jumped in: “I cannot let pass this culinary heresy, Chris. Bay leaves, when . . . → Read More: Of bay leaves, and taking things to ridiculous extremes

2011 Retrospective

At the end of each year I make a little summary post listing the first (interesting) line from the first post of each month. What I note this year is that I basically stopped writing as of September, and also that I seem to have spent a lot of time pissed off about various things. . . . → Read More: 2011 Retrospective

Bad Business Practice: The Motorsport Lab

Nearly a year ago, I received a very nice present of a Groupon certificate to “drive a ferrari for an hour.” Here’s the groupon ad. The company is The Motorsport Lab.

They had substantial scheduling issues. Between their flaky website, limited availability, and the fact that they cancel for weather, etc, I was unable to . . . → Read More: Bad Business Practice: The Motorsport Lab

My political platform

Just like every year, I’m running for president, god-emperor, and tzar of the world. My assumption is that I would have such an incredible popular mandate that I wouldn’t have to negotiate with either political party, nor would I have to respect existing law or precedent. In my mind, I can impose a clean slate . . . → Read More: My political platform

Of cats and painters

Morning. A crew of painters is walking around outside the house. Two humans (Chris and Jen) and two cats (Maia and Minnow) are watching from inside and preparing for work.

Chris: Who wants breakfast? Breakfast for cats! Minnow: (excited circling) Maia: (stony silence) Chris: Maia, do you want breakfast? Maia: (stony silence) Minnow: MEW! Chris: . . . → Read More: Of cats and painters

Our justice systems

Anyone who is paying any attention at all realizes that there are a few different systems of justice in the United States. In case you’re not paying attention, or you don’t have the time and inclination: Let me break it down. There are four major classes in America.

At the bottom, we have what I . . . → Read More: Our justice systems


The situation with the state employees pensions in Wisconsin and other states is deplorable. What’s really terrifying is how poorly people seem to understood the basics of what’s going on, why it matters, and why the proposed solutions have absolutely nothing to do with reality. This is yet another case of cheap misdirection and power . . . → Read More: Pensions

Our god damned money

Today’s headline reads that A recent spike in the price of oil has many wondering how high it will go, and what the fallout could be to a vulnerable recovery in the United States. While I’m all in favor of self serving navel gazing in the small (look mom, I have a blog!), I must . . . → Read More: Our god damned money