Hi, my name is the second season of Terminator – the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I’m like a pleasingly crazy fling, the sort you might stay up late with, but who you’re certainly not bringing home to mom.



Short form: I am entirely satisfied by the conclusion of Battlestar Galactica.

Long form:

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Dear television

Dear television:

(a) Would someone please shoot Galactica in the head and put it out of its misery? Whine whine whine! Sad sad sad!

(b) Who gave permission for Heroes to start getting good again?

Thank you.


What did I like about early Battlestar Galactica? (and don’t give me any of that medieval crap, I’m talking about the new BSG):

1) “Smart” is the currency of the realm. Whether you’re Baltar or ZereK … if you’ve got a couple of decades of getting crap right under your belt, people just do what . . . → Read More: Galactica

Grudging fan-ship

After watching the “Demon Hand” episode of the new Terminator TV series, I am grudgingly going to admit that I’m a total fanboy. Bring unto me the next episode.

It started off with the fact that Summer Glau rules. She’s the odd, quiet girl who knows kung fu. She’s River Tam and she’s the Terminatrix. . . . → Read More: Grudging fan-ship