More focus! More family!

Back in March, I wrote a letter to Focus on the Family about a show that they aired on ‘the new atheism.’

They wrote back.

So today I’m firing off a response to the response.

Also, my friend Dan has a radio show called Freethought Rhode Island. He’s planning to talk a bit about Focus . . . → Read More: More focus! More family!


I’ve got a Dalai Lama “quote of the day” tear off calendar on my desk. The insights are sometimes more directly applicable and sometimes less. Sometimes I’ve been reminded of a friend and sent them the quote directly.

This one strikes me as not unreasonable for broader distribution:

We are all on this planet . . . → Read More: Quote

Protected: Charity

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


I’m soliciting suggestions for worthy charitable organizations.

Don’t be shy: Who do you want to see succeed? Bonus points if you actually work closely with said charities. I put a lot of stock in sweat equity.

Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.

I finished up Pathologies of Power today, over lunch. It’s a hard book to read. The language is dense, and the reader is expected to think for themselves. However, the stories are crisp and to the point. I excerpt below (totally without permission) the section of the “Afterward” that grabbed at my heart and inspired . . . → Read More: Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.


When we come to you Our rags are torn off us And you listen all over our naked body. As to the cause of our illness One glance at our rags would Tell you more. It is the same cause that wears out Our bodies and our clothes.

The pain in our shoulder comes You . . . → Read More: Poverty