He always gets up

I got high praise at Judo today. A visiting judoka from our friendly neighbors to the north was working a particular throw. There was some discussion about whether said throw would work on someone taller than her – and it was suggested that she try it on me.

After a couple of tries (ow), she . . . → Read More: He always gets up


We had a member of the Russian national women’s judo team working out with my judo club this week. She was about my size – so I was a good person for her to throw a few (dozen) times.

I think it’s great that the women in the gym (and the men too) got to . . . → Read More: Judo


Weekend has been pretty good so far.

Started off with a massive technical win – which I’m still struggling to even describe without resorting to a whiteboard. I think that I did something pretty cool … so cool that I can’t even really explain it. Usually these things turn out to be simple. “So then . . . → Read More: Weekend


I’ve had a story to write for a while, but haven’t taken the time to put it down. Here it is:

Recently, my judo club hosted the Lebanese men’s Judo team for a week. Basically, we trained every night with some very high level players. I’m told that that the open randori (free-play) night that . . . → Read More: Judo

How to conduct yourself in training

I copied this off the wall of the dojo the other night. As I’ve re-read it a few times and shared it with a few people, I find it more and more valuable and accurate – in contexts not necessarily limited to the martial arts.

I particularly like the bit about “when training – . . . → Read More: How to conduct yourself in training


Productive day today. Started off by heading to Judo. It’s a special week for Phoenix Judo because we have visitors. A group of players from Lebanon are in town all week, and we’re hosting. Of particular note is Rudy Hachache, who represented Lebanon in Beijing last year.

So yeah, I rolled with an olympic . . . → Read More: Insanity


I notice that I haven’t been posting all that much lately. What can I say? February tends to emphasize to me that life is short … a short month full of short days … so I spent more time doing rather than documenting.

Caught up at home this weekend, and it’s been really nice. . . . → Read More: Hobbyist


Snippets and observations from a day:

* Woke and fought the alarm, as usual with alarms. * Coffee. Sometimes you need coffee before you go downstairs to get coffee. * Solved technical problems by social means. Primarily public shame and an unwillingness to just let it go. Labelled the goddamn wires so it’ll be hard . . . → Read More: Observations

Return to the mat

Competed in my first post injury judo tournament today, and it went pretty well. My division (over 30, under 185lbs) consisted of me and this other dude. The first match went the full four minutes. I won on points (one “wazari” to his “flat nothing”). At one point I had him in what felt like . . . → Read More: Return to the mat


Went to Judo last night, and got my pants un-seamed. Ripped clean open from knee to crotch on the inside of the right leg.

This is perfectly normal, though rare. In judo (and other gi-based sports) you control the uniform in order to control the person inside it. I put on a pair of the . . . → Read More: Pants