Upgraded Brewpot

I made a pretty significant upgrade to my brewing rig yesterday.

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Vacation hacking, day one

So work is closed this week. There may be some INBOX cleaning, here and there, but by and large this week is mine to refresh and recharge. In usual form, I’ve set myself a rather savage schedule of projects that have been sitting around for a while. Based on today’s efforts, I’m one for one . . . → Read More: Vacation hacking, day one

We never failed to fail … it was the easiest thing to do …

I spent my day waiting for a system crash.

We’ve got this serious, hardcore system lockup that happens sometimes with the customer of the moment. Naturally, it only happens when the system is flat-out running their most important computation. Naturally, it can reasonably said that if this code doesn’t work, then the system is useless . . . → Read More: We never failed to fail … it was the easiest thing to do …

Good day

I’m having a good day.

For one thing, the weather is (within reasonable error bars) PERFECT. Mid 60’s, bright sun.

For another, I led a 3 hour technical meeting today that stayed on task and produced good insight without losing the humorous, fun edge that makes such things bearable. We took a single coffee break . . . → Read More: Good day

Protected: Skype

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My colleague cariaso is in Thailand for a few months, teaching computer skills to refugee and impoverished children. He shared his final exam with me – and I was struck by the first question:

1. What is a harpsichord?

Keep in mind, we’re on the Thai / Burmese border. These kids have some English … . . . → Read More: Harpsichord


We’ve got these hyper-intelligent power strips that can email us when they get close to being overloaded. This is a really good thing, in general. However, we are currently right on the edge of overload on this one system. It sends me a note every time it approaches overload, every time it goes into the . . . → Read More: Power


I notice that I haven’t been posting all that much lately. What can I say? February tends to emphasize to me that life is short … a short month full of short days … so I spent more time doing rather than documenting.

Caught up at home this weekend, and it’s been really nice. . . . → Read More: Hobbyist


That is all.

Paper reduction

An update on my paper reduction project: This is has been difficult but worthwhile. It is, of course, doomed to failure in a number of ways that should have been apparent at first.

A simple first step was to actually implement my existing document destruction policies. Anything for which statements are available online, I keep . . . → Read More: Paper reduction