Paper reduction

An update on my paper reduction project: This is has been difficult but worthwhile. It is, of course, doomed to failure in a number of ways that should have been apparent at first.

A simple first step was to actually implement my existing document destruction policies. Anything for which statements are available online, I keep . . . → Read More: Paper reduction

Paperless – further thoughts

Continuing to think about going entirely paperless. On reflection, it’s clearly one of those goals that you never really totally achieve. Instead, you look up from time to time and say “how can I do better at this goal.” This means that getting to 95% is “good” rather than “failure.”

The first really clear . . . → Read More: Paperless – further thoughts


One of the blogs I follow with great interest is Geekdoctor. He’s the CIO of Harvard Medical School, among other things. Besides being smart, connected, and talkative … he appears to live a very purposeful life. He implements his organizational and ethical decisions in a way that I admire.

A few recent highlights include: * . . . → Read More: Paperless

MRI Images


Re-posted since the pictures ought to stay put now.


I got the raw data from my knee MRI on a CD. They gave me the full DICOM data, which is the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard. The vast majority of medical imaging devices produce DICOM formatted files … which means . . . → Read More: MRI Images

Medical geekitude

That last post was heavy, this is less so:

My MRI was totally relaxing. They gave me a selection of CDs to listen to for the half hour I was in the tube. I picked coldplay.

There were signs up all over the hospital indicating that patients own their own medical information, and that we . . . → Read More: Medical geekitude


I need a new office chair. My current one is old and busted. What do you people sit on while you work your long hours in front of a keyboard?

* Does your back hurt? * Do your shoulders hurt? * Does your butt get all sweaty and/or go to sleep?

No privacy on the web.

Remember folks: There is no such thing as privacy on the internet.

Sysadmin gig in Basel

Email me if:

(a) you’re an amazing network / sysadmin, able to set up a Force10 network and a Linux environment for a major research shop in about 2 months.

(b) you’re available to go to Basel Switzerland for about 2 months, oh, now-ish.

Go team!

Our newfound ability to gather web statistics on the corporate page has outed this as my blog to my employers. I got an “Is this you?” note from one of the owners. Well, that and the picture of myself that I posted there. That can’t have helped.

After the shock wore off, I found myself . . . → Read More: Go team!

Rock Band

I have just discovered the game “Rock Band.” It is the most stunningly awesome computer game ever, and I will own it tomorrow.

That is all.