Where to dwell

I’ve been considering the house, and decided to consult The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path. In the chapter on preparing for meditative serenity I found this:

Dwelling in an appropriate area

The area should have five attributes:

(a) easy access, so that necessities such as food and clothing may be readily . . . → Read More: Where to dwell


I’ve got a Dalai Lama “quote of the day” tear off calendar on my desk. The insights are sometimes more directly applicable and sometimes less. Sometimes I’ve been reminded of a friend and sent them the quote directly.

This one strikes me as not unreasonable for broader distribution:

We are all on this planet . . . → Read More: Quote

Let the wheel come around

redmed informs me that there is a Hebrew tradition of celebrating a 28 year solar cycle – when the vernal equinox falls on a Tuesday at Sundown. According to wikipedia this represents a return of the sun to the position where it was when the world was made.

It’s worth noting that the Julian calendar . . . → Read More: Let the wheel come around

Purchase and Sales

In a low grade horror movie – once you see the slutty teenager take off her shirt – you know that she’ll be horribly dismembered in just a few short minutes. The plot points are fixed. The beauty and artistry, such as it is is to be found in their specific execution. Similarly in Opera . . . → Read More: Purchase and Sales

Signs of intelligent life

I recently wrote a letter to Focus on the Family. I very much did not expect a response of any sort.

I’m pleased to report that I was wrong.

Finance and the economy

I’ve had a recurring rant for a few years now, that I’ve been happy to deliver over a coffee or a cocktail. The short form goes something like this:

“Financial institutions don’t produce anything. Instead, they act as catalysts – enabling other entities to be more productive than they otherwise would have. Because of the . . . → Read More: Finance and the economy

Financial Crisis

I haven’t yet taken the time to read this article with any attention to detail – but on the whole it seems to capture my understanding of our current financial situation.

To wit: Our initial attempts at saving the financial industry have failed because they assumed that the bankers and wall street types would . . . → Read More: Financial Crisis

How to conduct yourself in training

I copied this off the wall of the dojo the other night. As I’ve re-read it a few times and shared it with a few people, I find it more and more valuable and accurate – in contexts not necessarily limited to the martial arts.

I particularly like the bit about “when training – . . . → Read More: How to conduct yourself in training

Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.

I finished up Pathologies of Power today, over lunch. It’s a hard book to read. The language is dense, and the reader is expected to think for themselves. However, the stories are crisp and to the point. I excerpt below (totally without permission) the section of the “Afterward” that grabbed at my heart and inspired . . . → Read More: Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.