Last night, while on our way to dinner in the lovely town of Tucumcari, we happened upon a practice of the rodeo team at the local college. They were roping calves … and I gained a new appreciation for rodeo. Seriously. Right where the rubber meets the road, those sporting events are based on real farm and ranching skills. Those kids could ride! Plus, the coach (once we got him talking) was seriously cool! The guy has been flown all over the world as part of the USA rodeo team.

Today, we visited Roswell, NM. Site of strange goings-on about 60 years ago. Some kinda flying thing crashed into a field, a rancher brought a chunk of it to the sheriff, and there ensued some frantic military ass-covering. Somehow this led to a whole town devoted to the sale of alien themed kitsch. Go figure.

I want to believe in aliens. Seriously, I do: The world would be so much cooler and more surreal if we were being observed and occasionally prodded by little green men. Sadly, the Roswell Alien Museum didn’t strengthen that belief at all. It’s a relatively level headed presentation of a bunch of facts and observations that lead me to think that (a) yes, certainly, the government covered something up. Duh. (b) There’s no real reason to assume it had to be extraterrestrial. Ditto with most of the other observations.

I plan to spend tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) in the underworld, at Carlsbad Caverns.

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