Greetings from Tucumcari, NM. We have friends from residency out here. They have 18 acres, 8 horses, three buildings (a house, a barn, and a scary shed). I am beginning to feel confident that they cannot find me here. In any event, we’ll be able to see them coming from a long way off.

To answer judovich, it’s an iPhone, provided by The Company. My job rules.

We visited the Acoma Pueblo yesterday. It’s a spiritual spot rivaled only by Maccu Piccu in my experience. The thought that came through loud and clear was “religions come and go, but this place has been sacred to all of them.” The difference between the two is that the Spanish finished their work of cultural annihilation in Peru … while the Acoma still maintain a shred of their culture.

I need to record more of those thoughts, but we’re going to go ride the ponies now. OMG! Ponies!

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