Jesus-is-savior dot com

Check these people out. Though, as the Buddhists say, you would be wise to “guard the gates of the senses” so as not to get any crazy on you. I do recommend clicking down into some of the stories if you have the time.

As it says in the bible (Acts 24:8): By examining him . . . → Read More: Jesus-is-savior dot com


You know what rankles me? The financial houses just don’t get it.

Despite crippling losses, multibillion-dollar bailouts and the passing of some of the most prominent names in the business, employees at financial companies in New York, the now-diminished world capital of capital, collected an estimated $18.4 billion in bonuses for the year.

Actually, they . . . → Read More: Bonuses


What did I like about early Battlestar Galactica? (and don’t give me any of that medieval crap, I’m talking about the new BSG):

1) “Smart” is the currency of the realm. Whether you’re Baltar or ZereK … if you’ve got a couple of decades of getting crap right under your belt, people just do what . . . → Read More: Galactica


Called the doctor this morning and convinced them to tell me my diagnosis. Torn medial meniscus. They recommend surgical repair, which is supposedly a 20 minute procedure from which I can walk out of the hospital, take it easy a couple of weeks, and then be back at the gym.

Having observed last year, I . . . → Read More: Knee

MRI Images


Re-posted since the pictures ought to stay put now.


I got the raw data from my knee MRI on a CD. They gave me the full DICOM data, which is the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard. The vast majority of medical imaging devices produce DICOM formatted files … which means . . . → Read More: MRI Images

Medical geekitude

That last post was heavy, this is less so:

My MRI was totally relaxing. They gave me a selection of CDs to listen to for the half hour I was in the tube. I picked coldplay.

There were signs up all over the hospital indicating that patients own their own medical information, and that we . . . → Read More: Medical geekitude

Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.

I finished up Pathologies of Power today, over lunch. It’s a hard book to read. The language is dense, and the reader is expected to think for themselves. However, the stories are crisp and to the point. I excerpt below (totally without permission) the section of the “Afterward” that grabbed at my heart and inspired . . . → Read More: Haiti, structural violence, and responsibility.


Snippets and observations from a day:

* Woke and fought the alarm, as usual with alarms. * Coffee. Sometimes you need coffee before you go downstairs to get coffee. * Solved technical problems by social means. Primarily public shame and an unwillingness to just let it go. Labelled the goddamn wires so it’ll be hard . . . → Read More: Observations

Return to the mat

Competed in my first post injury judo tournament today, and it went pretty well. My division (over 30, under 185lbs) consisted of me and this other dude. The first match went the full four minutes. I won on points (one “wazari” to his “flat nothing”). At one point I had him in what felt like . . . → Read More: Return to the mat

On debt relief …