Woke up at 6 this morning to take to the airport, down in Rhode Island. Then turned around and drove almost that far back north to Pedro’s Martial Arts for a judo tournament. I entered two divisions:

“Masters” – 30 and up, open. We jokingly referred to ourselves as the “geritol” division. I took DFL (from a field of 4)

“Seniors” – 18 and up, novice, with a nice small weight class of four. I won zero of my matches. On the other hand, I did get props from the crowd for toughing through a nasty lapel strangle to drag the guy out of bounds. The idea was that I would get (at most) a small penalty for retreating … rather than getting choked out and losing the match (not to mention consciousness).

No serious injuries, although I do have a bruise on my neck.

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