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Today I entered the Ocean State judo competition. It was a double elimination tournament. I fought twice. You figure it out.

Here’s the video (mostly for other guys in the club):

He gets hit with a sacrifice throw just as the ref steps between him and the camera. Move, ref! We can’t see the action!

Chuck, who gets ROBBED by the scoreboard
About 6 minutes of movie. If I read it right, the ref called a Wazari when Chuck threw his opponent with a double leg takedown, but the scoreboard put the score up for the other guy. Then again, Chuck piled up the penalties. Eventually Chuck lost on penalties. Kind of a crap shoot all around. Also, check out the crotch grab at around 1:55.

Chuck, with the arm bar again
Bonecrusher in action. The other guy needs to tap more visibly.

Guy wouldn’t let go of my wrists and I took a long, slow fall

Tomorrow, I go to the dentist at 9 in the morning to get some cosmetic stuff done. I’ve had a “repair” on a front tooth since I was about 14. They’re finally going to do it over with the “real” solution. Yay. The two replacement fillings, they do on Tuesday. Double-yay.

This week, I also get to vote in a Primary! Remember all that griping about the primaries? Okay, turns out that I’m a total hypocrite and I’m going to go vote, because I think I would prefer Obama to lose to Mccain rather than Hillary losing to Mccain. I say “lose to Mccain” because I truly believe that the Democrats can lose anything … but I look forward to Obama’s passion more than to Hillary’s technical mastery of being a politician.

I do truly hope that the Clintons cash all of their chips to get the nomination, in the face of popular opinion. That might just be enough to destroy the Democratic party. If the Democrats splinter hard enough, and early enough, we might see a viable three party race this year!

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