Back to judo this evening. Class was *huge*, perhaps 20 of us. We worked from 7:30 to 9:30, and I think that I managed to get through the evening without re-injuring my back. True, true, any back “injury” that goes away after 2 weeks wasn’t a very big one but damn it was annoying while it lasted.

Also went to the dentist today. Through BU, we get access to the dental school … so a dental student took my X-rays. Full mouth X-rays. 20 freaking shots. The student was nice and all, but after the third shot I asked “so, is this some kind of new machine where you don’t have to put the lead vest on me to protect me from radiation?”

She was so apologetic.

In related news, I have apparently begun to grind my teeth. Grrrrrrr. My first thought was “but I started MEDITATING this year, for heaven’s sake!”

Tomorrow, I go to the doctor to get the oil changed and perhaps get a new air filter. Or something. Medicine confuses me. redmed made me do it. Anyway, I picked a doctor at random and it turns out that he went to med school in Pakistan. Woot.

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