Last night, went into Roslindale for sushi with friends. Sat up talking until 11, and then turned into pumpkins like the old people we are, and drove home. Thud. Asleep in moments.

This morning, measured the bedroom as well as the space between the rafters in the dark and terrifying part of the attic (17′ by 14′, 15″ spaces). Purchased 6 rolls of R-25, 15″ wide pink insulation for a total of about 198 square feet. Hauled it upstairs, and rigged up a light by which to see, and a half sheet of sub-flooring on which to sit. It’s not so bad, once you get the proper infrastructure in place.

The space is rectangular, with the roof too close to stand up. In one corner (occupying about 1/3 of the total space) is this hole. No rafters. At first it seemed to be filled with roofing trash. This is the part over our little hallway leading to the bedroom. Eventually, I realized that it was the old entryway to the house, a little roof-let over what had previously been a small back porch. I installed as much insulation as I could, prior to dealing with that.

Yes. They built the addition around the old structure, and never bothered to remove the old porch roof. I love these people.

I wound up totally destroying the roof-let with the Wonder Bar, a saw, and a fair amount of grunting and kicking. I left a bunch of the structural stuff in place in case it was somehow holding up the house or something. Then I stuffed insulation into the spaces around and between what was left. Insulation ain’t rocket science.

Pictures are here

After that I made a large batch of applesauce. 9 pints. Preliminary reports are that it’s pretty tasty.

Meanwhile, there a study session for the OB-GYN board exam going on in my dining room. The other husbands and I during residency summarized the noises that come out of these sessions as “blah blah uterus, blah blah placenta.” That’s been triply true today. The most entertaining part was when they were reviewing genetic oddities leading to ambiguous gender. For them, it was very serious to distinguish between the various and very specific forms that this takes. To me, it started off vaguely amusing and descended to hilarious.

I’m going to go, before I reveal too much.

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