The joy of less

There’s a useless little column-let in the Times today titled “The Joy of Less.” I won’t claim that I read it – but I did read the title – and now off I go on my own thoughts. It seems somehow appropriate.

The past week, I’ve been sitting in a totally empty house for work. . . . → Read More: The joy of less


Been busy lately. Gonna be busy today and for the foreseeable future.

However, not too busy to geek out. A took a typing test that claims that I run around 72 words per minute at more than 95% accuracy. That was the 3 minute “tiger” test. Of course, my grandmother was faster than that . . . → Read More: Stuff


I’m locally famous. Here’s a picture of me from a short column in a publication you haven’t heard of.


Many things are going on.

We bought a house. Our house rules. It has an awesome twisty curvy staircase and hardwood floors and a basement an an attic. It’s approximately three times the house we need and almost more house than we want. Today I mowed the lawn, like a good little domestic homeowner.

Tomorrow, . . . → Read More: Update

Another injury

So, I went back to randori night at judo today. Went about 9 rounds and played everyone in the room. I even made a shoulder throw work against the biggest guy in the room.


The injury came from banging my elbow really hard on the toilet paper dispenser earlier in the day. It was . . . → Read More: Another injury

More notes from Honduras

Before it totally fades from memory, here are some more high points from Honduras:

. . . → Read More: More notes from Honduras


We had a member of the Russian national women’s judo team working out with my judo club this week. She was about my size – so I was a good person for her to throw a few (dozen) times.

I think it’s great that the women in the gym (and the men too) got to . . . → Read More: Judo


I seem to be achieving one of my goals for this house buying process – do as much as possible electronically – at least more than the last time I went through this dance.

I hate FAX machines. I hate the “me use markum stick on dead tree to make decision real!” culture. I can . . . → Read More: FAX

Pico Bonito

Last morning at the Pico Bonito lodge. We got up early this morning for the “early bird” walk. Our guide proceeded to whistle up a pigmy owl, cuckoos, tucans, mot-mots, and a variety of other awesome birds. When I say “whistle up,” I mean that we would walk into an area and he would whistle . . . → Read More: Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito

I write from the Pico Bonito lodge / nature reserve / insanely sweet little hotel. Continuing my numerological obsession – we’re in cabin “1”. Yep. Uno.

Woke up early this morning to stroll around Copan Ruinas. Got coffee and watched the women come out of their shops and slosh soapy / bleach water on the . . . → Read More: Pico Bonito