I’ve been disconnected from the net (by choice) for a couple of lovely days with family out in Virginia.

I return to see that Israel is actually invading and conquering Gaza.

My first impression, which I’m sure will be moderated by reading the actual article rather than just seeing the headline is that this is . . . → Read More: War


Okay, what gives?

Castro resigns, AND Musharraf accepts defeat?

Something is out of whack.

Lungfish, and sick cows

Well, I’ve had The Cough for long enough that it needs a name: Its name is now “lungfish.”

In other news, the biggest meat recall in history is underway. 145 MILLION pounds of beef. That’s 1.45E8 for the geeks in the crowd. At between 500 and 800 pounds of meat (usable) per cow, that’s between . . . → Read More: Lungfish, and sick cows