Triple headshot

Triple Headshot

Three gunshots. All three fatal. Fired in the dark by three specially trained U.S. Navy SEALs as the pirates’ boat rocked in the water off Somalia.

“Phenomenal shots — 75 feet away,” said Navy Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, who oversees the region.

A senior defense official told CNN that each was a shot . . . → Read More: Triple headshot

Financial Crisis

I haven’t yet taken the time to read this article with any attention to detail – but on the whole it seems to capture my understanding of our current financial situation.

To wit: Our initial attempts at saving the financial industry have failed because they assumed that the bankers and wall street types would . . . → Read More: Financial Crisis

Abandoned Nuclear Lighthouses

clued me in to Warren Ellis’s link to this set of pictures about a series of Soviet era nuclear powered lighthouses, now abandoned near the arctic circle.

The great northern coast of Russia is inside the Arctic Circle, and the shoreline is hundreds of miles from civilisation almost the whole way along. Lighthouses were . . . → Read More: Abandoned Nuclear Lighthouses


I’ve been disconnected from the net (by choice) for a couple of lovely days with family out in Virginia.

I return to see that Israel is actually invading and conquering Gaza.

My first impression, which I’m sure will be moderated by reading the actual article rather than just seeing the headline is that this is . . . → Read More: War

Lungfish, and sick cows

Well, I’ve had The Cough for long enough that it needs a name: Its name is now “lungfish.”

In other news, the biggest meat recall in history is underway. 145 MILLION pounds of beef. That’s 1.45E8 for the geeks in the crowd. At between 500 and 800 pounds of meat (usable) per cow, that’s between . . . → Read More: Lungfish, and sick cows



In many places — the atolls of the Pacific, the shrimp beds of the Eastern Seaboard, the fiords of Norway — some of the most advanced forms of ocean life are struggling to survive while the most primitive are thriving and spreading. Fish, corals and marine mammals are dying while algae, bacteria and jellyfish . . . → Read More: AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!