More generally, I wish to re-open the ‘northern passages’ between my sinuses and the outside world. Suggestions?


I spent somewhere between three and four hours in the dentist’s chair today. As previously mentioned, we have the medical insurance that is made out of pure awesome … so I’m taking the opportunity to just do whatever the nice people tell me I ought to do. This includes a “veneer” to permanently repair a . . . → Read More: Dentist

For $15 you play all day

Got my money’s worth out of the health insurance today.

First, the dentist. A second very, very detailed exam by a dental intern (is there such a thing? Is it called the zamboogen-year or something … or can I just call them interns?). I’ll be back tomorrow for my 2 fillings. In a week I’ll . . . → Read More: For $15 you play all day