I’ve decided that most of the great teachers were *not* speaking in metaphor. Take the buddhist admonition that “Attachment is the source of suffering.” This may have some higher level meanings about spirituality, but at the moment it seems pretty accurate when related to the process of moving my household. The more crap I want to pick up and move intact and organized from here to Rhode Island, the more suffering I will experience. If I had nothing, I could leave tomorrow and it would be painless.

I also don’t think that Jesus had any sneaky meanings with the whole “love one another” thing, or that there are any complex caveats of original intent WRT the bill of rights. Sometimes things really are that simple.

Can’t move until tomorrow, because it’s time to go to a birthday party for a friend. German restaurant with strolling accordion players. Last year I consumed the “meter of sausage.” I have the certificate to prove it. Since then, I’ve become vegetarian. I hope the salads are tasty.

After that, off to Boston to try to find a job. Anybody want to hire me? I program computers, climb rocks, brew beer, and I try to be a nice guy to boot. Better yet, anyone want to take me on as a PhD student? I’ll be the best student *ever*. I promise. Meet me at the BioClusters workshop at Bio IT World on Tuesday.

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