Climbing was good today. I successfully led a 5.9, and toproped a (possibly overrated) 5.10b which was all balance and almost no strength. Took a decent lead fall too, after making it over an undercling, but failing to successfully clip in at the top. The weak point remains my mass. Dropping 10 pounds would would make me jump to 5.11’s, I’m pretty sure.

Made a perfunctory stab at some yard work. Cleaned the dog craps off the lawn. Note that I don’t own a dog, these are little presents left by my fellow citizens. Raked the remaining leaves up, and put in crabgrass preventer and “filler” seed. Got to have the place looking nice so it’ll fetch a nice price.

Rented a “mini storage” unit to hold excess stuff so our house will look bigger. The lease form is very similar to that for an apartment, except that you’re not allowed to sleep there (or set up meth labs, or any other stuff of that nature). My boxes of books looked small and sad as I left them in storage. Don’t worry, books. I’ll be back for you. Please don’t mildew.

Now, back to work on that pesky presentation for Boston.

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