Million dollar baby

Watched “Million Dollar Baby” this evening. Dark, dark, dark. A beautiful work of cinema. The physicality and emotional rawness of the roles really spoke to me. In the end though, when Eastwood’s character finally realizes that there’s no God out there … at least no God who can help with the really difficult crap of . . . → Read More: Million dollar baby


My summary of the movie “Doom”.

Movie: “C’mere!” My higher mental functions: “No! No! Aaaaaaaa!” Movie: “Yeah! That’s right! Now you!” My lower mental functions: “Yes! Yes!” Movie: “You like me?” MLMF: “Aw hell yeah!” Movie: “I have to go now … even *I* don’t really like me”

That, some awesome Korean spicy tofu soup, . . . → Read More: Doom


You know, The Punisher wasn’t all that bad a movie. Admittedly, I’m not trying to wrap my brain around any of the characters, and I hope to God there isn’t a sequel attempt…but it was what I was in the mood for. The bad guys were bad. One of them was even gay (this is . . . → Read More: Punisher