You know, The Punisher wasn’t all that bad a movie. Admittedly, I’m not trying to wrap my brain around any of the characters, and I hope to God there isn’t a sequel attempt…but it was what I was in the mood for. The bad guys were bad. One of them was even gay (this is how you know a real bad guy, right? Excuse me…what decade is it again?) The good guy was also pretty bad. The brutality was brutal. Not Jesus-beating brutal, but “throwing through walls and hitting with toilets” brutal. There was a nipple, but it was strip club nipple. There were brief attempts at character development…but they were all quickly and mercifully aborted when more violence came knocking. All in all, a worthwhile viewing…but probably not a good first date flick.

I’m pretty excited for this summer: Alien vs Predator, Chronicles of Riddick, Spider Man II, Dodge Ball (which looks like a nightmare waiting to happen), I robot, Resident Evil Apocalypse, … there will be lots of brain cell killing goodness to go around.

Still no job. House not sold yet, though people have looked at it.

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