I seem to be achieving one of my goals for this house buying process – do as much as possible electronically – at least more than the last time I went through this dance.

I hate FAX machines. I hate the “me use markum stick on dead tree to make decision real!” culture. I can . . . → Read More: FAX


I am in Hampton, VA. I have the same hotel room that I’ve had before. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that I travel too much.

Yesterday, I saw the Dalai Lama. He wore a Patriots ball-cap. It was awesome. Now I have *another* pile of pages to transcribe that I’ll never get around to. . . . → Read More: Update


28 bottles of wine on the shelf, 28 bottles of wine …

And now we wait for at least a month to crack one and see if the effort was a total waste of time. The glass that I extracted during the bottling process (bad luck to not have one – bad luck as in . . . → Read More: Wine

Where to dwell

I’ve been considering the house, and decided to consult The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path. In the chapter on preparing for meditative serenity I found this:

Dwelling in an appropriate area

The area should have five attributes:

(a) easy access, so that necessities such as food and clothing may be readily . . . → Read More: Where to dwell

Purchase and Sales

In a low grade horror movie – once you see the slutty teenager take off her shirt – you know that she’ll be horribly dismembered in just a few short minutes. The plot points are fixed. The beauty and artistry, such as it is is to be found in their specific execution. Similarly in Opera . . . → Read More: Purchase and Sales

Complete insanity

One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.” I think I may be insane.

For one thing, there’s the travel: In Norfolk VA all last week, got back last night. Had a very pleasant evening at home. Today I plan to go to physical therapy and then to follow . . . → Read More: Complete insanity

House sale

Looks like we might actually sell our house. We’ve got an accepted offer, and I’m signing the formal purchase agreement this morning. It’s been on the market since October.

I’ve made a request in the closing process: I want copies of all the papers that I’m expected to sign, two business days prior to the . . . → Read More: House sale