House sale

Looks like we might actually sell our house. We’ve got an accepted offer, and I’m signing the formal purchase agreement this morning. It’s been on the market since October.

I’ve made a request in the closing process: I want copies of all the papers that I’m expected to sign, two business days prior to the closing. My agent looked at me like I had sprouted a second head when I asked for this.

The reason I’m making this request is simple: I’ve closed into two houses and out of one. All three times were absolute flurries of activity … frantic copying … adjusting of numbers. This led to outright fear on the part of the buyers and sellers that “the deal” wasn’t going to happen. It maximized the power of the closing team, and minimized the power of the buyers and sellers.

This time it ought to be simple: If any new papers show up on the day of the closing, I’ll smile and say “okay, you’re not ready yet, I’ll be back in two days.” The deal will still be on, I just absolutely need to have the sale be stable and controlled, not chaotic and frantic.

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