Goddamn news media

I start to see what the protesters and hippies are whining about with our news media. Let me repeat the important stories in the world, for those who don’t get out much:

Paris is burning after 7 days of rioting.

73,000 people are about to die of starvation in Packistan.

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I want my goddamn country back

Secret prisons.

These people have held absolute power for far, far too long. It is said that “direct sunlight is the best disinfectant.” I think it’s time to shine some light on the whole tawdry lot of them.

Oh yeah, and What has it got in its poketses, preciousssss?

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Cheap shot

Survival kit

I’ve been meaning to put together a couple of survival kits for a long time now. Given New Orleans, and the painfully obvious fact that nobody is going to come help (at least for a couple of days) when a city floods, it seems like a fine time to put together some realistic kits.

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