Cold rain

The first brutally cold, hard rain of Fall is upon us. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in central square in Boston, hoping that it stops sometime before I’m supposed to walk over to my meeting in about two hours. It makes me feel funny, watching the drenching. Watching the people scurry. Wondering if I should pack up my laptop before getting a coffee refill, only to un-pack it again. It makes me deeply, deeply happy to think of all the airborne ragweed particles getting knocked out of the air and washed down the drain. Die, bitches. Die.

In other news, Jon Stewart had Kurt Vonnegut on his show last night:


Vonnegut: I want to say something in defense of the president. He is not the dumbest man at the White House. The Secretary of Defense is the dumbest man in the White House. He is so dumb he thought he could take over a country of 25 million people, Muslims, and their oil, with 200,000 American soldiers who didn’t even know how to say “Hello” in Arabic… And we’re supposed to be giving them democracy. Well, democracy means that after a hundred years you have to give up your slaves. And after a hundred and fifty years, you have to let your women vote. And during the early period all kinds of genocide and ethnic cleansing are quite all right. So that’s what we’ve got over there.

Stewart: It’s sad to see you lose your edge.

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