Stuff, stuff, stuff

The packing saga continues. The realtor told us that our house might fetch additional coinage were it not so burdened with all of our crap. “You’re interesting people, and people will remember how neat all your hobbies are, but nothing about the house.” Right. Hide the hobbies. I have to say, in her defense, that the rooms are a *lot* larger without the bookshelves lining the walls, the piles of robotics and computer stuff stacked in the corners, and all of that. We’re going to look downright stylish right about at the moment that the movers arrive.

Getting our house down to its current level of slick emptiness required only one 5′ x 10′ temporary storage shed, and the judicious use of the storage area in the basement. I’m actually sort of pleased with how things look… though God help help me should I have to figure out any hard math, obscure functions, or make reference to any of my textbooks.

It occurs to me that, if I can live without those things for three months, I might be able to do it for longer. Sort of like the vegetarian thing: It starts out as a curiosity — can I modify my diet in this way? It ends up as a new and simpler way of living.

Nah, just kidding. I want my books and other crap back. Give me my piles. Can’t have the house neat, we’d have people over every weekend, and I’d never get my robot arm of death completed.

Job situation is looking up, but in informal “stay in touch” sort of ways. Still need a solid commitment.

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