Sitting at the Milwaukee airport again. The impression I have is still overwhelmingly positive, within the bounds of possibility for an airport. I had thought that the combination of Midwest Express airlines and stopping in Milwaukee would make for a gritty and uncomfortable trip. Both have well exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations.

Midwest has first place sized seats throughout the entire cabin. There are only four seats in each row, which provides immeasurable comfort. Instead of sitting shoulders hunched and elbows in for several hours, I was able to relax and slump to my full width. I can only imagine how people who are not quite as ordinary sized as I must feel.

Milwaukee provides all the amenities one might want from an airport. It’s clean, the airport music is turned low, as is the volume on the TVs. Still, it has that unique blandness of a place between. No matter how many kiosks the city council erects telling of the unique features of here-ville, airports will always be depressing and soulless pause spots within cultured life. At best, they are vanilla. Familiar, unthreatening, and the same everywhere.

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