Copan Ruinas

Posting from Copan Ruinas, on our second day of the trip.

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This morning I awoke from a dream in which I was eating at a restaurant. The name of the restaurant was the “Snug Dumpling.”

I still think that it’s sort of a cute restaurant name.

And with that – off to bed – and then to Honduras!

Home sweet home

Home for a day, with redmed before headed to Honduras for a (well earned) week’s vacation tomorrow.

On a crazy lark, headed to technolope and capital_ls place directly from picking redmed up at the airport last night. We had a fantastic dinner and made an early night of it in support of a massively . . . → Read More: Home sweet home



Once again, I find myself at the bar at The Outback steakhouse.

Why is this weird? I’m a vegetarian and some kinda health / fitness freak. I assure you, it feels sorta weird.

Why does it work? Well first off, Outback has a number of fine non-meat options. It helps that I consider fish to . . . → Read More: Steakhouse?

Protected: Essays

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I am in Hampton, VA. I have the same hotel room that I’ve had before. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that I travel too much.

Yesterday, I saw the Dalai Lama. He wore a Patriots ball-cap. It was awesome. Now I have *another* pile of pages to transcribe that I’ll never get around to. . . . → Read More: Update

Protected: Of negative and imaginary lays…

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Is it seriously almost May? Holy crap.

Just got back from a quick trip to New Jersey. On said trip, I … well … let’s just say it was work, a little stressful, it’s not quite done yet. You should see the other guy. I drove, so staple 10 hours in the car onto an . . . → Read More: Busy


28 bottles of wine on the shelf, 28 bottles of wine …

And now we wait for at least a month to crack one and see if the effort was a total waste of time. The glass that I extracted during the bottling process (bad luck to not have one – bad luck as in . . . → Read More: Wine