Annual reviews

I guess it’s time to start these. This is the first sentence, phrase, or paragraph from the first post of each month in 2008. Yes indeedy, this is just a structured way to get me to review the year prior to embarking on a new one.


* 2004
* 2005
* 2006
* 2007

Jan: I have just discovered the game “Rock Band.” It is the most stunningly awesome computer game ever, and I will own it tomorrow.

Feb: I’ve got a new phone. It has a new number.

Mar: Today I entered the Ocean State judo competition.

Apr: On the way in from the boat to the main complex this morning, I saw an Osprey building a nest. He was carrying a large stick, and had to make a couple of passes to get it perfectly positioned.

May: One of the scientists that I’ve worked with for a few years just got elected to the National Academy of Sciences. I think that’s pretty sweet.

Jun: Just back from Art Weekend with way too many LJ folks to type out by hand.

Jul: I found myself sitting up late last night wondering how it is that the whole world (relatively speaking) can be working on the problem of our imminent financial collapse and yet not find any good solutions.

Aug: I keep asking myself how I would live my life if I lived it according to my beliefs instead of keeping my beliefs fairly isolated from my actions.

Sep: I don’t believe that I’ve posted about my Labor Day. You may have the impression that what I wanted was something like “not here” or “away.” You would be correct.

Oct: I’ve been pondering saying something snitty about the whole Sarah Palin thing, but have resisted the urge. After all, I claim that I don’t care about any of that stuff.

Nov: As I drove over the “hill” from dinner with a friend in San Jose to the “visiting faculty” apartment at UC Santa Cruz, I was struck by just what a cool and interesting life I lead.

Dec: I’m a big nerd. You all know that.

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