Why do my cats sound so sad when they whine for attention? They’ve got to be just about the most loved critters on the planet.

Why did I think that going to see “Van Helsing” would bring me anything but a vague headache and a wish for my $8 back? Wow that was bad. And loud. Nice special effects, but I kept thinking that they had skipped the movie part and gone right to the game.

Why is my grass growing so freakishly fast that I have to mow it twice a week?

Why will nobody even make an offer on my house?

Why can my country not seem to get its collective head out if its collective butt about existing on a planet with other societies? Don’t ferment wars. Don’t increase the level of suffering in the world. If you make promises about how you’re going to behave, do your very best to keep them. Trade with others, but be self sufficient should they decide to not trade with you. Treasure diversity of species, cultures, and opinions — Monocultures are brittle and quickly fail. Any practice that’s clearly unsustainable on the 10,000 year scale should have an expiration date and a plan for phasing it out. Yes, this includes oil, natural gas, population growth, “grow your way to success!” economics, and all those other nasty habits we’ve picked up. Vote Republican. Vote Democrat. Vote status quo. I can’t stomach either of these vile pigs. When did we turn into a country of killer whores? Me? I’m voting for Aretrha Franklin. The woman had soul.

Why do I have so many floaters in my eyes?

Why are we sealed off from each other by this impenetrable fog of physicality? Communicating by flapping our lips and wiggling our fingers. I’m convinced that my human experience is remarkably like yours…but we’ll never be sure and the best we can do is semaphore to each other and imagine ourselves listening on the other side.

Why is the human experience both inexpressibly beautiful and unbearably sad, at the same time?

Why, why why?

Me me me.

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