More planks

5) Prostitution will be legal. What will remain illegal are any form of human slavery (via drug addiction, intimidation, poverty, forced transport to a foreign country, or anything else). In other words, we need to put the pimps out of work and get the sex workers out of the hell that they endure. I think we’ve figured out by now that you can’t effectively regulate what’s not supposed to be legal in the first place, and you can’t legislate away our drug and sex addictions as a species.

And, perhaps it’s a more of a general concept than a specific plank but:

6) Any law which we’re not willing to enforce across the board should not be on the books. A law which requires selective enforcement in order to be properly applied should be reworked until it can be applied as written. Selective enforcement puts the local beat cop in the position of superseding the legislators. Immediate targets would be: sodomy statutes, speed limits, underage drinking, soft drug laws and obscenity laws. proposals that I’m pretty confident are correct.

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