Balls in the air…

Too many balls in the air, that is. Old juggling metaphor.

First things first: House goes on the market on Monday. Strangers will tramp through, staring at the place I live and trying to get me to let it go at a loss or otherwise screw me out of much money by pointing out petty flaws. For my part, I will be baking bread and doing all those things that the internet says I should in order to maximize the extent to which I screw them out of money by distracting them from fundamental flaws. In an example of such a move: We put $100 worth of mulch and flowers around the flowerbeds this afternoon…and the place looks really nice.

I *really* dislike large financial transactions. There’s way too much potential to lose $10K here and another $10K there by missing a check box or a vital fact. I’m okay with paying $17.95 for a book when I could have paid $13.75 on ebay. I’m not okay with getting $135,000 instead of $175,000 through some transient ignorance.

Also in the category of “large financial decisions,” I need specifics on jobs. Anybody want to hire a geek? I cook and sing too…I’m a real good geek.

Then there’s the question of moving: $8,000 for the movers to do everything? $5,000 for the movers to move the furniture and the boxes that we’ve already packed? $3,000 for a “containter” which I get to fill and which can appear in my driveway at the new place? What of theft? Insurance? Storage in case we need to stall for a few weeks while our dream house becomes available? Committing to a move date without a close date might mean having to float up to $8,000…which would be really close to no fun at all right now.

Speaking of moving, where am I moving to? I mean, whine whine and all, but seriously: We’ve scheduled the house hunting trips (mid May, thanks for asking), but in all likelihood, we’ll be in an apartment for a little while. That means that this moving process might conceivably last two or three months. Wheeee.

Trying to kill off (oop…hand off) projects at work. Seems that I get some hand in deciding which of the things I’ve built in my four years at this place will simply be left to rot. Wheeee. Who will be cursed with maintaining the Chris legacy. YOU! I saw eye contact!

Plus, no matter how asocial I claim to be, I will actually miss one or two of these so-called peers with whom I interact at work and play.

On the plus side, I get to test drive Mercedes Benz cars tomorrow. Woot! Plus, we’re one week out from my 60 mile bicycle ride. Time to go into high gear training…

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