Fresh air

I have no idea what the weather is like where you are, but here it’s 53 degrees and brilliantly sunny. I’ve got all the windows wide open, and I’m exchanging the slightly musty air in the house for clean, fresh, chilly air. Climbing around in the crawl space must have kicked up a bunch of dirt and junk, since my sinuses have been a little active ever since. Now I’m letting it all flow out the windows. Feels great. Plus, I can hear the outside world again … which for whatever reason fills me with energy and purpose.

As a side benefit, the *ahem* odor of the sauerkraut has also been building up a bit … so the windows are open for that too. Huzzah!

On an even more positive note, there was a little woodpecker on my suet feeder this afternoon. Little bastard likes to cling to the side of it that’s away from the house, and every time I try to sneak past him to get a picture, I startle him away. Soon, ah soon, I will snap a picture of him and draw him in my book … then he will be mine forever.

On a slightly less psychotic note: I’m gonna brew beer this weekend. Anyone within the sound of my voice is welcome to come down and join in. Those who help out are entitled to a share of the batch. Brewing a batch of beer takes about 3 hours from clean up to tear down, and I plan to do two batches. We’ll probably start around 10am on Saturday, though I’m open to doing it on Sunday if that would bring friends over. Brewing consists of (a) doing dishes (b) boiling a pot for about an hour (c) doing dishes. Thus, there is plenty of time for watching movies, listening to music, and sampling from previous batches.

Okay, back to typing things like serveradmin -verifyServerSerialNumber

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