A recent post, on The Pain, When Will It End said this:

I’m also fascinated by, and admire, the relationship between the Egyptian people and its army—the passionate respect of the people for its army, the loyalty of the army to the people–so unlike our own rote obeisance to Supporting the Troops by purchasing magnetic . . . → Read More: Patriotism


A thought kept cropping up today, so I figured I would share:


I’m not being at all cynical or snide here. This is some real, fundamental, patriotism. Perhaps context is in order: Last night I got on the radio and just TALKED. I ripped on various governmental agencies for … basically … disagreeing . . . → Read More: Go USA

Same sex marriage

I was on the radio show again tonight, and we spent some time talking about same sex marriage. This is an issue on the legislative docket in Rhode Island right now, and it’s been the topic of a few shows.

First off, one might wonder why an atheist radio show would care about same sex . . . → Read More: Same sex marriage


After yesterday’s post, there was some good discussion in a couple of different fora. Some of the more interesting observations came off of the afterthoughts.

I said: I think that there are some things that are too important to society to have them serve as engines of profit. I include the basics: housing, medical care, . . . → Read More: Food

How things work: Fannie and Freddie edition

For whatever reason, I never got the complete American High School education experience. Among other things, I missed the day where they taught that there are some problems that are just too big and too complex for me to figure them out. I *have* found some problems that were beyond me – but my default . . . → Read More: How things work: Fannie and Freddie edition

A to Z brown ale, AKA “Brownout”

I’ve begun a bit of a project now that the massive new brew kettle is fully armed and operational.

I’ve got Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery. I’m going to make an effort to brew each of the recipes from the book at least once. This will likely take a . . . → Read More: A to Z brown ale, AKA “Brownout”


There’s a lot of back and forth in the news about the appropriate size, shape, and funding sources for government. At least … that’s what I see when I choose to pretend that people are talking and thinking about what’s good for the nation rather than just yelling at each other and vying for power.

. . . → Read More: Laws


I went sledding this afternoon. Like, hardcore sledding. Sledding on a former ski slope. Sledding like God only dreams of sledding. Thanks to MS for agreeing to play hookey with me – and for providing the plan, the sleds, and the helmets.

. . . → Read More: Sledding

Personal Responsibility

American conservatives are half right: America is in decline today due to a broad failure of personal responsibility. However, they’re wrong on a very important detail. While it’s important to take responsibility for yourself – I think it’s equally important to develop a sense of personal obligation and a responsibility for helping other people. Yes, . . . → Read More: Personal Responsibility


Ran into a human this evening. Thought I would share.

His name is George, he works the late shift at the liquor store around the corner from the hotel where I’m living this week.

He had just mopped the floor when I came in. He told me this stunningly ordinary fact. I said “hey, . . . → Read More: Human