28 bottles of wine on the shelf, 28 bottles of wine …

And now we wait for at least a month to crack one and see if the effort was a total waste of time. The glass that I extracted during the bottling process (bad luck to not have one – bad luck as in . . . → Read More: Wine


Weekend has been pretty good so far.

Started off with a massive technical win – which I’m still struggling to even describe without resorting to a whiteboard. I think that I did something pretty cool … so cool that I can’t even really explain it. Usually these things turn out to be simple. “So then . . . → Read More: Weekend

Complete insanity

One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.” I think I may be insane.

For one thing, there’s the travel: In Norfolk VA all last week, got back last night. Had a very pleasant evening at home. Today I plan to go to physical therapy and then to follow . . . → Read More: Complete insanity


Productive day today. Started off by heading to Judo. It’s a special week for Phoenix Judo because we have visitors. A group of players from Lebanon are in town all week, and we’re hosting. Of particular note is Rudy Hachache, who represented Lebanon in Beijing last year.

So yeah, I rolled with an olympic . . . → Read More: Insanity


Half of the 2008 vintage is now complete. Fermented, bottled, corked, labelled, and shelved. Presented here are the 6 “vintners reserve” bottles from the “Yes We Can” New Zealand Gewurztraminer. I produced a total of 29 bottles, which are now happily in the storage closet. Here’s hoping that they don’t blow out their corks and . . . → Read More: Wine