It’s that time of year again.

Here’s the first sentence from my first post of each month this year.

  • Jan: We went into town (Providence) and checked in to the Westin downtown for New Years.
  • Feb: We apparently had a mouse.
  • Mar: This morning, my neighbor started snowblowing at about 6am.
  • Apr: Just before I woke up this morning, I was dreaming.
  • May: What’s the best way to effect a transfer of domain ownership?
  • Jun: Todays fun-time game is “what’s that sound?”
  • Jul: Justice O’Connor has resigned from the supreme court.
  • Aug: Hey look, the Republicans don’t have the power to make congress the total slave of the executive, but they certainly have the power to make themselves useless…and Bush is great with rolling right on over the indecisive or ambivalent.
  • Sep: My cat stares, fixed gaze
  • Oct: It’s not a great movie, not a bad movie. I was entertained.
  • Nov: I think something bad just happened in MA.
  • Dec: I’m at Alewife early this morning.

Not a bad year. Not bad at all.

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