Snippets and observations from a day:

* Woke and fought the alarm, as usual with alarms. * Coffee. Sometimes you need coffee before you go downstairs to get coffee. * Solved technical problems by social means. Primarily public shame and an unwillingness to just let it go. Labelled the goddamn wires so it’ll be hard . . . → Read More: Observations

Return to the mat

Competed in my first post injury judo tournament today, and it went pretty well. My division (over 30, under 185lbs) consisted of me and this other dude. The first match went the full four minutes. I won on points (one “wazari” to his “flat nothing”). At one point I had him in what felt like . . . → Read More: Return to the mat


Went to Judo last night, and got my pants un-seamed. Ripped clean open from knee to crotch on the inside of the right leg.

This is perfectly normal, though rare. In judo (and other gi-based sports) you control the uniform in order to control the person inside it. I put on a pair of the . . . → Read More: Pants

Recent updates

Today I entered the Ocean State judo competition. It was a double elimination tournament. I fought twice. You figure it out.

Here’s the video (mostly for other guys in the club):

. . . → Read More: Recent updates


Another weekend, another judo tournament. This was a small “developmental” competition at another local club.

Four of us showed up (in my division), so I got beaten three times. Still, getting better. I feel that if I keep improving at this rate, I’ll start winning some matches pretty soon.

In which I get owned on the mat.

Tuesday and Wed are open sparring nights at my Judo school. Tuesday we start standing up, and Wed is for grappling. Jay, who runs the school, is very informal about a great many things – but he is quite firm on the fact that he teaches on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays … and on Tuesdays . . . → Read More: In which I get owned on the mat.


Back to judo this evening. Class was *huge*, perhaps 20 of us. We worked from 7:30 to 9:30, and I think that I managed to get through the evening without re-injuring my back. True, true, any back “injury” that goes away after 2 weeks wasn’t a very big one but damn it was annoying while . . . → Read More:


Woke up at 6 this morning to take to the airport, down in Rhode Island. Then turned around and drove almost that far back north to Pedro’s Martial Arts for a judo tournament. I entered two divisions:

“Masters” – 30 and up, open. We jokingly referred to ourselves as the “geritol” division. I took DFL . . . → Read More: Judo

Public beatings

I have a couple of public beatings scheduled for the next few days:

On Sunday, I plan to enter the Mass State Judo Championships. I’m eligible in two divisions: Seniors (over 17) and Masters (over 30). The seniors will be, by far, the larger division, so there will be subdivisions by skill level. I will . . . → Read More: Public beatings


My car has now driven 100,000 miles. Hooray for the car, hooray for me. Interestingly, that makes it the same “age” as me (reading 100000 as a binary number rather than a decimal one).

In other news, I went to an “open sparring” night at judo for the first time. They do open standing techniques . . . → Read More: Car